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Jul 27, 2012

Digital Photography Success – Learn from an accomplished professional photographer to transform you from a photography beginner to an amazing, confident and awesome photographer. Amy Renfrey will take you there…..

You may have taken a look around this site featuring photography courses where the Proud Photography online courses feature quite prominently but despite the advantages of learning at your own pace you may have found the structures of the Proud Photography online courses are still not for you.

If you’re like I was in the beginning picking up knowledge from media such as books and magazines you may prefer to read these and instead put your new found knowledge into practice. If you prefer to do this then you want to take a look at Amy Renfrey’s Digital Photography Success.

Amy Renfrey is an Australian lady who has taken herself from a beginner who taught herself through trial and error enduring a few years of frustration to going all the way to becoming a successful full time professional photographer. In addition to being a working professional photographer she wishes for others to achieve the same success as her but in less time.

She will take you from a photography beginner to a totally confident photographer in the quickest time possible which will amaze your friends and family.This can set you off on a totally new career to become a full time professional photographer if you want to.

Amy shares all her photography knowledge with you and doesn’t retain any secrets, the kind of information other professional photographers wouldn’t feel too comfortable in sharing. It’s always so refreshing when there’s an expert who openly shares their knowledge instead of guarding it.

If you check out Digital Photography Success you will see she is offering you two massive value packages, you get a choice of the Super Package or The Blockbuster Package.

In the Super Package you get the Digital Photography Success and Advanced Digital Photography ebook downloads plus Amy adding bonus e-books as part of the package – Digital Photography Presentation, Digital Photography In Abstract, Five Most Popular Scenarios In Digital Photography and Exposure Charts.

The Blockbuster Package which includes everything in the Super Package and also includes additional bonuses such as The monthly subscription to Focus eMagazine, 8 back-issues of Focus eMagazine which include about 8 hours of videos, the current issue of Focus eMagazine (again with video included) and two more e-books as a bonus which are Powerful Landscape Photography and Digital Photography Techniques.

Overall the above are massive value for money you get to receive Amy’s teachings no matter where you live in the world.

You will see from one of the testimonials on Amy Renfrey’s Digital Photography Success from someone saying they wish they could fly to Australia to attend one of Amy’s classes 🙂

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